Vinyl Siding for Ottawa Homes


Nuden’s Ocean Park XL pure vinyl siding with CertiLock™ system is more than just good looks – it’s also an innovative barrier to the elements that can stand up to the extremes of Canadian weather in any season.

Whether your old siding is worn and tired, or you want to increase the value of your home and save money on energy at the same time, Nuden Ocean Park XL with CertiLock™ system is a far superior choice to other cheap alternatives on the market.
When you want your home to feel its best, you need a premium product that delivers exceptional performance. Nuden Ocean Park XL insulated pure vinyl siding with CertiLock™ system delivers tough, reliable and beautiful siding that keeps your home looking its best year after year.

The exclusive CertiLock™ technology takes quality one step further, adding strength and rigidity to help the siding hang straight and effectively address wall imperfections.

Nuden Ocean Park XL features a unique insulation system with 6.5R insulation behind the exterior surface of the siding panel. Because the Ocean Park XL with CertiLock™ system contours the 6.5R insulation to completely fill the gap between the siding and your home, it delivers:

  • Maximum energy efficiency benefits;
  • Industry-leading durability and strength from a green product;
  • Low maintenance with the look and feel of solid wood;
  • Class 1(A) Fire Rating.
  • No fading, no peeling;
  • Lasting beauty that withstands any weather; and
  • Enhanced curb appeal and increased resale value.

Nuden Ocean Park XL insulated vinyl siding is designed to resist wear and tear with panels featuring a true 0.050" thickness. Typical cheaper sidings on the market without Neopor foam insulation can absorb impacts of only about 74 psi before the panels permanently rupture.

Other products can crack and dent when struck by hail, flying lawn debris, a stray ball, or other accidental contacts. Independent laboratory tests show that Nuden Ocean Park XL insulated vinyl siding has an impact resistance of up to 350 psi – or 251 mph – an increase of more than 400% over conventional sidings.

All of Nuden’s Ocean Park XL siding with CertiLock™ system is available in a range of stylish and attractive colour options that are fade and peel resistant.

Insulated Siding


Lap Siding


Vertical Siding


Vinyl Shakes


Helios™ Technology

Intense heat from the sun’s rays can take a toll on the exterior of your home. HELIOS Technology provides unique properties and heat resistance capabilities that are ideal for the new dark color trends for home exteriors.



Duratron™ Technology

Kaycan’s Duratron vinyl formulation is the foundation of all Kaycan vinyl siding, soffit and accessories. It ensures that Kaycan provides the industry’s most durable siding on the market.



Color Inspiration

Which color palettes match your vision of the perfect home? Browse through the color trends below to choose which type of colors bring your senses to life. Once you have narrowed down your personal style, click on the “browse colors” button to view which sidings are available in your chosen palette.

Earth Tones

Organic in nature, this soothing, rich palette leaves us inspired. These colors create a story woven with earthy shades, creamy tones and hints of green. Your home will be in harmony with your environment, with a relaxing, refined appeal that will be ever-present.


Siding: Khaki
Accent: Cobalt
Trims: Khaki


Siding: Mocha
Accent: Pecan
Trims: White



Siding: Prestige Beige
Accent: Clay
Trims: Sandalwood


Siding: Natural Oak
Accent: Cabot Brown
Trims: Khaki

Natural Elegance

Effortless beauty and style emanate from softer shades in unison with contemporary accents. Lovely, nature-inspired neutrals are timeless and practical and look good with any colour, offering true versatility and flexibility in creating welcoming homes, whether contemporary or classic.

Siding: Willow Green
Accent: Cabot Brown
Trims: Sandalwood

Siding: Ivy Green
Accent: Clay
Trims: Classic Linen


Siding: Sage
Accent: Ivory
Trims: Dusk

Siding: Terraverde
Accent: Linen White
Trims: Willow Green

Modern Spice

Emphasize the true character of your home’s personality with these aromatic, bold combinations of rich color. Reminiscent of pumpkins, spices, cabernet and sunflowers, these saturated jewel tones offer a lush, romantic vibe that is balanced by earthy, warm neutrals.

Siding: Cabot Red
Accent: Camel
Trims: White

Siding: Cabot Brown
Accent: Spice
Trims: Linen


Siding: Mahogany
Accent: Wicker
Trims: Mocha

Siding: Colonial Red
Accent: Pecan
Trims: Cabot Brown

Cool Comfort

Always fresh and yet, always inviting, your home is an oasis with cool, calming shades offset with crisp highlights. Spectacular, beautiful combination of colors of the earth and water. Refreshing hues that are cool and comforting.

Siding: Cabot Red
Accent: Camel
Trims: White

Siding: Azure Blue
Accent: Cobalt
Trims: Linen White


Siding: Midnight Blue
Accent: Heritage Gray
Trims: White

Siding: Cabot Blue
Accent: Canvas
Trims: White

Urban Appeal

Where ebony-stained exteriors meet rustic-urbane style. Mysterious and dark but also attractive, this energizing color palette creates bold lines and striking contrasts adding definition, ambiance and a touch of luxury to any home.

Siding: Castlemore
Accent: Brick
Trims: White

Siding: Manor
Accent: Slate
Trims: White


Siding: Brick
Accent: Charcoal
Trims: White

Siding: Cabot Brown
Accent: Mocha
Trims: Black

Vinyl Soffit

The attractive, low maintenance finishing touch that complements any house style.

Vinyl Trims

Add architectural expression to your home through infinite trim and accessory



The perfect indoor paneling system, ensures superior performance in all types of environments.

Vinyl Skirting

The perfect solution to provide a clean and professional look for porches and enclosures.

With over 25 years of hands on experience by the owner, you can count on Nuden Reno Inc. to bring you the highest quality products, has industry leading warranties, and experienced installers. Call us today!

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